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Fertilization and weed control

These go hand in hand when wanting a great looking lawn! Providing the property nutrients (fertilizer) to your turf will help create a dense stand of lush green grass, but it is only half the proper solution! Post and pre-emergent weed control keep those pesky dandelions, crab grass, and other weeds at bay throughout the year so your property can look its absolute best! Contact us today and we can start putting together a plan to take care of your properties individual needs!

Aeration and overseeding: 

With the dense clay soil here in the upstate, soil compaction becomes a problem that needs to be addressed regularly. Most lawns in the upstate need Core Aeration at least once a year. Cool season grass types in the fall and warm season grass types in the late spring or early summer. Also depending on your specific lawn type, your lawn may require yearly overseeding to stay looking its best. Most common type here in the upstate is your Tall Fescue varieties. Contact us today for Free pricing on these services!